Programs for creating Improved Farming Plans for African Smallholders

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BFMe/BFMmz: User-friendly Programs for Creating Improved Farming Plans for African Smallholders

BFMe and BFMmz are user-friendly programs that can be used to suggest improved farming plans based on a farm management model for assisting smallholder farmers in Africa



  • BFMe is an English version of the program derived from BFM (Builder of Farming Model), a Japanese program for creating farming plans (Oishi 2008). BFMe is standardized for foreign users including those in Africa.
  • BFMmz is a Portuguese version of the program based on BFMe and was developed in conjunction with  the project on “Improving Research and Technology Transfer Capacity for Nacala Corridor Agriculture Development, Mozambique”
    (In Japanese: The program can implement a farming plan that consists of smallholder’s mixed cropping systems and meets the needs for food self-sufficiency.
  • Users can easily create a farming plan for improving smallholder’s food production and income generation with just “one-click” after inputting data related to the farming conditions, farming indexes, food crop consumption, etc. Sample data collected in some Nacala Corridor areas are available in BFMmz.

Startup screen of BFMmz

Output image of the farming plan created by BFMmz

Case of a farm household in Mozambique

Operation manual of BFMmz


BFMe, BFMmz and accompanying operation manuals are available for download at the addresses below.

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Both programs run using Microsoft Excel Version 2010( up to October 2020)/ 2013/ 2016/ 2019/ 365) in Windows 7( up to January 2020) and 10.

How to install and run

Double-click the downloaded file to decompress and find “BFMe” and “BFMmz”. Upon double-clicking the “BFMe.xla” or “BFMmz.xla” in the folders, the Microsoft Excel runs and shows the startup menu to use the programs.

Notes on use

  • Use genuine Microsoft Excel only to avoid any problem in the operation.
  • Use the program with the macro security level of Excel in “Disable all macros with notification”.
  • Please refer to the operation manual for details.
  • Neither programs guarantee that the users derive the same result as the calculated outputs (ex. total income) from putting the created farming plan into practice.

Instruction of BFMmz to extension officers (Mozambique)

Sowing instruction to farmers based on the created farming plan (Mozambique)