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 JIRCAS conducts joint research with countries in Asia, Africa and South America to improve agriculture, forestry and fisheries technology in developing countries. Domestic activities are carried out at the headquarters in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, and at the Tropical Agriculture Research Front (TARF) on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

 In addition to agricultural research, TARF is involved in the conservation of genetic resources of tropical crops and fruit trees for domestic use, such as rice, sugar cane and mango.


 Mango is a tropical fruit but is also grown in Japan. Although only a few cultivars are currently grown locally, it is expected that more diverse cultivars will be required in the future to meet changing environmental and market demands.

 This website has been established to provide information on mango cultivars from around the world currently maintained at TARF to researchers, producers and consumers mainly in Japan as well as overseas.

Available information on this site

 On this site you will find an overview of the results and data we have obtained from research activities and surveys at TARF. This time we are publishing information on 62 mango cultivars.

 The scope of the survey is limited due to the large number of cultivars, and there are some items that have not yet been surveyed. We will continue to conduct surveys, to update and improve the information.

For researchers and growers, "Detailed information on cultivars" page provides the methods of survey, database and each cultivar information.

For general users, the "Mango Quick Guide" was created for those who want to find out what kind of fruit mangoes are. Please enjoy "Mango-pedia" and "Photo Gallery".

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TARF does not sell and/or provide mango seedlings.

Please use the information on this site in accordance with the "Terms of Use" of the JIRCAS website.


We would like to express our gratitude to the following for their great efforts and cooperation in collecting, compiling and publishing the information on mango cultivars presented here.

  • JIRCAS :

SHIMAJIRI Masato, HIRATA Masakazu, MATSUURA Hideko, KINJO Hikaru, ARAMOTO Mutsuko

MURANAKA Satoru (present: AFFRC), HAYASHI Takanori (Public Relations and Publications Section)

ANTONIO Baltazar (Research Planning and Partnership Division), IIYAMA Miyuki (Information Program)


  • Japan Tropical Fruit Association: YONEMOTO Yoshimi (former JIRCAS Project Leader)


  • D-blauer-strom: HASUNUMA Yuuki


March, 2023

JIRCAS Mango Genetic Resources Site Team

YAMANAKA Shinsuke, OGATA Tatsushi, KOZAI Naoko*, TAKAGI Hiroko
* Present address: Kagoshima University