JIRCAS Report - Bolivia

SATREPS Project Representatives from Bolivia Visit JIRCAS to Strengthen Cooperation

The representatives of SATREPS Bolivia Project on the Bolivian side including Dr. Giovanna Almanza, Professor, Institute of Chemistry, University of San Andrés, Dr. Yonny Rene Flores Segura, Senior Researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of San Andrés, Dr. Wilfredo Rojas, Representative of the Andean Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (PROINPA) and others visited JIRCAS on January 30, 2023 to strengthen cooperation.

Delegation from Bolivia's PROINPA Foundation and Universidad de San Andres

A delegation including Dr. Antonio Gandarillas, representative of the PROINPA Foundation in Bolivia, Dr. Giovanna Almanza and Dr. Isabel Morales from the Universidad de San Andres visited the JIRCAS Headquarters on July 11, 2018.