The 10th Asian Crop Science Association Conference (ACSAC10)

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The 10th Asian Crop Science Association Conference (ACSAC10) under the theme “Agriculture, Environment and Health for Future Society in Asia” will be held online on September 8-10, 2021. The conference will be attended by leading researchers and experts in crop science and related fields from all over Asia, and the latest research results related to crop production in Asia will be discussed.

JIRCAS is supporting this conference with the keynote lecture “Ten reasons why Asian crop science must be reinforced” to be delivered by President KOYAMA Osamu, and  a special session on  temperature stress (Session 3.1) featuring seven researchers from China, Taiwan, NARO, Okayama University and JIRCAS, who will introduce their efforts to ensure stress tolerance and stress reduction in crops from molecular biological approaches to the field level in response to environmental stresses such as high temperature from the perspectives of genetics, breeding, cultivation and physiology. The conference will also include three oral presentations on rice blast resistance based on differential system, marker-assisted breeding for germination under flooded conditions in direct-seeded rice, and gene expression analysis for drought tolerance in soybean, as well as poster presentations from JIRCAS researchers.

For more information on the program and how to participate, please visit the website below.

Organized by

Crop Science Society of Japan

Co-organized by

Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture

Japanese Society of Breeding

The Society of Sago Palm Studies

Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities

In cooperation with

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Aichi Prefecture

Nagoya City

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

Nagoya University



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