Ethical Norms and Action Guidelines for Staff Members (JIRCAS Action Guidelines)

Ethical norms

  • Consciousness of public mission
    JIRCAS members will be aware of our public mission as an executive or an employee of a national research and development agency, and strive to gain public  trust by securing fair and equitable actions and achieving accountability.
  • Legal compliance
    JIRCAS members will keep the laws and institution’s regulations, and always act faithfully in accordance with social rules and our conscience.
  • Ensuring research ethics
    JIRCAS members will manage and allocate research budget properly and effectively with a high sense of morality, and exclude any misconducts such as fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism of research or study data.

Action guidelines

  • As an organizational member
    JIRCAS members will be aware of the organizational mission and duties assigned to us by the government, and aim to improve the quality and efficiency of our work as well as our individual capacity.
  • As an expert
    JIRCAS members will actively publicize the objectives and contents of our activities in an easy-to-understand manner in order to secure openness and transparency as a public institution and to extend the results to society.
  • As a professional
    JIRCAS members will always check up on our work taking into consideration the surrounding environment, safety and health issues, and properly manage work-related information and data.
  • As a member of society
    JIRCAS members will respect individual basic human rights and people’s diversified values as a member of society, and actively contribute to the development of local regions and communities through the use of our expertise.