NAKANO Yume (General Affairs Section, Administration Division) : Administrative Staff

What motivated you to apply tat JIRCAS?

 I majored in French cultural studies at the university, and I wanted to work internationally. As I was exploring my options, I became interested in global food issues and learned about the activities of JIRCAS.
 In recent years, efforts toward the SDGs have been made mainly in developed countries, but the number of hungry people in the world is still in a serious condition. Food is an important element directly related to life, and a stable supply and acquisition of food is indispensable to guarantee it. I wanted to work at JIRCAS because I want to be a part of the efforts to solve food problems from a technological perspective, and I want to help realize a society where no one is deprived of food.


What are some of the best and most rewarding experiences you have had in your current job?

 I am assigned to the General Affairs Section of the Administration Division, where I am mainly in charge of management of working hours and public records. We receive avarious inquiries, both internal and external, so I have to understand who is in charge of which tasks. At first, it was difficult to remember the names and affiliations of the staff, but now I think it helps me to quickly grasp the organization as a whole. I am also happy when I learn about the leave system, etc., and when I can explain in my own way and gain understanding in response to questions. It is rewarding to gain new knowledge and to be able to do more as I gain more experience.


What is the message you want to convey to everyone?

 JIRCAS is a place with a rich international flavor, with not only staff but also invited researchers and graduate students from abroad. It is hard to find a Japanese institution that approaches international agricultural research in this way. If you are interested in foreign countries and the global environment, if you want to contribute to the lives of people in developing regions, if you want to work in food-related fields, and if you think that the efforts of JIRCAS sound interesting, why don't you come and work with us?