MATAYOSHI Kaichi (Field Management Section, Research Planning and Partnership Division) : Support Staff

What motivated you to apply for a position at JIRCAS?

 My father is in the livestock industry, and I read an article about pasture grasses in the JIRCAS as I was researching pasture grasses. I also learned that besides pasture, research is also being conducted on vegetables, fruits, and rice. I myself knew nothing about agriculture other than livestock farming, but I was intrigued by the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the lives of many people around the world as a national organization, so I decided to apply for the job.

What are some of the best and most rewarding experiences you have had in your current job?

 I have never grown rice or soybeans since I was born, so every single job is new to me, and I am learning every day. I have been helping my father and grandfather with livestock and farm work since I was a child, so I was confident in my farming skills, but now there are a lot of things I am not used to, and it is a constant process of trial and error. Even in such a situation, receiving advice from the same technical support staff and words of thanks from researchers makes me feel rewarded for my efforts. Also, when I harvested the rice and soybeans I grew for the first time, I was very happy and at the same time I felt again how grateful I am for food.

What message would you like to convey to everyone?

   The Field Management Section is responsible for the preparation of the field where researchers conduct their studies including plowing the fields with tractors and other equipment, spraying pesticides based on the condition of the crops, and spraying the entire area evenly, all tasks that we rarely do in our daily lives. However, no one can do it well from the beginning. As you reflect on your work each day and look for ways to improve and make it better, you will find your own way.
 I am sure that there will be more difficulties and things that will not go well in your job hunting activities, but I hope that you will do your best in your own way by making use of self-improvements. Believe in yourself and do your best. I’m rooting for you and I would be happy if we could work together at JIRCAS.