ARAI Miwa (Crop, Livestock and Environment Division) : Female Researcher

What motivated you to pursue international agriculture, forestry, and fisheries research?

 I have been interested in environmental issues since I was a student, and have conducted research related to carbon cycling and sequestration in agricultural land. On the other hand, the impact of soil degradation on crop production is enormous, and to reduce its impact, it is necessary to develop mechanisms to stabilize organic matter in the soil and technologies to promote such stabilization. In addition to the lack of accumulated research on soil organic matter, tropical and subtropical regions are subject to large movements of substances such as water, carbon, and nitrogen, which can easily disrupt the balance of organic matter inputs and outputs to the soil. We hope to solve this problem in the region by optimizing appropriate soil management for sustainable agriculture.


Please introduce your current research.

 I am conducting research on mechanisms of carbon sequestration in agricultural soils to mitigate climate change. I am conducting detailed physical and chemical analysis of soils in the Philippines and Ishigaki Island to evaluate what soil factors contribute to increasing soil carbon content.


What message would you like to convey to female students?

 The soil that spreads out under our feet is the foundation that supports food production, but it is also a source of greenhouse gases and is subject to various problems such as soil erosion and loss of soil fertility. To solve these various problems, an approach based on correct scientific knowledge is necessary. I hope that you will challenge yourself in various ways, valuing your own interests, concerns, and awareness of the issues.