JIRCAS-FFTC Workshop Innovation and Networking of Sugarcane Research for Future Sugarcane Industry in Asia Pacific Region

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Sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid) is one of the major crops and is usually grown in small scale by farmers in the tropical and subtropical regions. It is an economically important crop producing a large amount of biomass used as source food and energy. The sugar produced by sugarcane is used not only as a sweetening agent but also as a source of bioethanol, while the bagasse that remains after extracting the juice from the stalks can be used to generate electricity. Furthermore, biorefinery of sugarcane will produce many beneficial chemicals and value-added products.

In this workshop, new utilization technologies of the byproducts of sugar mill will be introduced. In addition, to develop new types of varieties for multi-purpose use, advancement of sugarcane breeding, which use interspecific hybrids between sugarcane and its wild species (Saccharum spontaneum), and intergeneric hybrids between sugarcane and Erianthus, which is a wild relative of sugarcane, will be presented.

Sugarcane breeding requires a long time, and the entire process from crossing to release of a new variety usually takes more than 10 years. Therefore, sugarcane breeders should have a clear grasp of the needs and challenges in sugarcane production and industry in the foreseeable future. In this workshop, we would like to extract specific problems and demands of sugarcane production in the target areas and to discuss the direction for breeding of new improved varieties for prospective sugarcane industry. 

Organized by

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

Food and Fertilizer Technology Center

In cooperation with

Kasetsart University

2022-9-15(Thu) 10:30~16:30(JST)


Innovation and Networking of Sugarcane Research for Future Sugarcane Industry in the Asian and Pacific Region


Time (GMT+9)



10:30 –10:45

Welcome and Remarks

President, JIRCAS

Su-San Chang
Director, FFTC

Kasetsart University

10:45 –10:50

Group photo


10:50 –11:00


ANDO Shotaro


Session 1

Advancement of sugarcane breeding using  interspecific and intrageneric hybrids


11:00 –11:20

Topic 1: History of sugarcane breeding using Saccharum spontaneum in Japan

UMEDA Makoto
NARO, Japan

11:20 –11:40

Topic 2: Current status and prospects of Erianthus utilization for sugarcane improvement

TERAJIMA Yoshifumi

11:40 –12:00

Topic 3: Broadening the genetic base of sugarcane: introgression opportunities and challenges

George Piperidis
Sugar Research Australia

12:00 –12:15




Session 2

Review of the status of sugarcane research and industry


12:15 –12:30

Topic 1: Fijian sugar industry - Building-up towards resilience

Amit Singh
Sugar Research Institute of  Fiji

12:30 –12:45

Topic 2: Current performance of Indonesian sugar industry and the strategy of its improvement

Risvan Kuswurjanto
Indonesian Sugar Research Institute

12:45 –13:00

Topic 3: Status of sugarcane research and industry in the Philippines

Rimmon Armones
Sugar Regulatory Administration, the Philippines

13:00 –13:10



13:10 –14:10

Lunch Break


14:10 –14:25

Topic 4: Sustainability and net-zero strategies of the sugarcane industry in Taiwan

Jian-Cheng Chang
The Taiwan Sugar Research Institute

14:25 –14:40

Topic 5: Shaping Thailand sugarcane industry into a multi-use platform through variety development

Nattapat Khumla
Department of Agriculture,  Thailand

14:40 –14:55

Topic 6: Reviews of sugarcane research and industry in Vietnam

Cao Anh Duong
Sugarcane Research Institute, Vietnam

14:55 –15:05



15:05 –15:20

Coffee Break



Session 3

Advancement of utilization technologies of sugarcane


15:20 –15:40

Topic 1: BCG and sugarcane industries in Thailand 

Wirat VANICHSRIRATANA Kasetsart University

15:40 –16:00

Topic 2: Effective utilization of sugarcane-derived byproducts from the perspective of life-cycle design

OHARA Satoshi
University of Tokyo

16:00 –16:20

Q&A, Discussion


16:20 –16:30

Closing Remarks

Deputy Director, FFTC

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Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) for Asia and Pacific Region
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