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51st TARF Public Lecture Successfully Held on September 12

The 51st TARF Public Lecture entitled "Exploring the Diversity of Tropical Fruit Trees Around the World" was successfully held at the Ishigaki City Health and Welfare Center on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The event was attended by 52 people.

PNAS Issues "Cozzarelli Prize" Certificate for the 2021 Best Paper: BNI-enabled Wheat Research

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) has issued the "Cozzarelli Prize” certificate  for the best paper of 2021, which has now been awarded to the recipients from JIRCAS.


Cut-soiler constructed Preferential Shallow sub-surface drainage for mitigating salinization User’s Guide

S. K. Chaudhari, ONISHI Junya, ANZAI Toshihiko, OKAMOTO Ken, KODA Kazuhisa, MATSUI Kayo, LEE Guenwoo, WATANABE Takeshi, OMORI Keisuke, R.K Yadav, Gajender Yadav, Neha, A. K. Rai, Satyendra Kumar, Bhaskar Narjary, P. C. Sharma, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Manual and Guideline. ( )

manual_guideline-jircas-2022-001_-.pdf4.82 MB


国立研究開発法人国際農林水産業研究センター, JIRCAS News. 90 ( )

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JIRCAS Newsletter(90)

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, JIRCAS Newsletter. 90 ( )

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広報JIRCAS (4)

国立研究開発法人 国際農林水産業研究センター, 広報JIRCAS. 4 ( )

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熱帯農業地域における国別研究問題とその背景 : 第2部

大野芳和, 石原修二, 濱村邦夫, 尾和尚人, 池田俊彌, 宮重俊一, 岡三徳, 国際農林水産業研究センター研究資料. 4 , 1- 161 ( )

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Research Highlights