Dried fermented Jellyfish
Local name
Jellyfish. Aurelia sp., Cyanea sp. (Maeng-ka-proon) Salt, alum.
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: 7-10 days.
Storage life: A few months in a refrigerator.
Production: In home industry.
Properties: Pale brown solid with salty taste and characteristic aroma.
No data.
1. All parts of the jelly fish are used but the cap is preferable. The cap is fermented separately by the same procedure. Cut the jelly fish and separate the cap from the tentacles.
2. Soak the cap in iced water for 8-10 hours to remove the mucus. Wash the cap with water again to remove the mucus and drain the water. Add a mixture of saturated salt solution and alum (salt:alum = 1.8 litre: 75 g.) at 30% by weight of the jelly fish cap. Mix well in a wooden tub and macerate for 2-3 days
3. Wash the jelly fish, drain and weigh. Add a mixture of saturated salt solution and alum (salt:alum = 1.8 litre:60 g.) at 20% by weight, mix well, weigh down and macerate for 2-3 days more.
4. Wash the mixed ingredients well. Leave under shade on a bamboo or wire mesh tray for 3-4 days until dry.
Eat as a snack by dipping in a special sauce or as an ingredient in salad.