Fermented fish with pineapple
Local name
Mam-tai-plaa Mam-plaa-ta-pian
Fresh water fish, salt, ground roasted rice, pineapple.
Fish normally used:
Cirrhinus microlepis (Nuan-chan)
Puntius gonionotus (Ta-pian)
Fermentation: 3 days-1 month, depending on desired products.
Storage life: 7 days-4 months.
Production: In home industry in the Northeast and some provinces in the Central region.
Properties: Semi-solid, salty and sour taste, blackish-red colour with characteristic aroma.
No data.
Plaa mam is made with both fish viscera and fish flesh. After cleaning they are mixed with salt at the ratio of 3:1 by weight. A small amount of ground roasted rice and chopped pineapple are added. The ingredients are mixed well and left to ferment for 1 month. For Mam-plaa-ta-pian only minced fish flesh is used, mixed with all the ingredients and in the same proportion as Mam-tai-plaa, but the fermentation period takes place and the product matures within 3 days.
Plaa-mam is eaten either raw or cooked. The raw dish is mixed with chopped shallots and lemon grass, and eaten with vegetables and rice. The cooked dish has coconut milk added and is served with vegetables and rice.