Fermented crab
Local name
Poo-sa-maer-dorng Kra-taer-maa-saeng dorng (South) Pieo-dorng (South)
Sesarma mederi (Poo-sa-maer) Somanniathelpusa sp. (Poo-naa) (unidentified species) (Kra-taer-maa-saeng) Salt.
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: 1 day.
Storage life: 7 days.
Production: In home industry.
Properties: The whole body of the crab is retained, but it is black. The taste is salty with a characteristic aroma. The colour of the product made from Kra-taer-maa-saeng is also black and the flavour is the same as for Poo-sa-maer-dorng.
No data.
1. Put live crabs in an earthenware jar, add salt and mix well.
2. Close the jar and leave overnight to ferment.
1. Mix with chilli, shallots, sugar and lime juice. Eat with rice.
2. Add to som-tum, a Thai salad made from shredded green papaya, dried shrimps, garlic, tomatoes, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar.
3. Cook with coconut milk, add minced pork, shallots and chilli and serve as a main dish with vegetables and rice.