Fermented fish paste
Local name
Ka-pi-plaa Koei-plaa Plaa-lae
Saltwater fish Salt
Fish normally used:
Kowala coval (Ka-tak)
Stolephorus indicus (Ma-li, Gluay)
Fermentation: 3-4 months.
Storage life: 1-2 years, depending on the amount of salt used.
Production: Home industry in the South.
Properties: Ka-pi-plaa is a dark grey coloured paste with a salty taste and a characteristic, fishy, pungent flavour.
No data.
1. Wash the fish then mix with salt in the ratio of 4-10:1 by weight and place in a bamboo basket.
2. Leave overnight and collect the water which drains off.
3. The following morning spreas out the salted fish on a bamboo mat and sun-dry for 2-3 days.
4. Pound the mixture to a paste and pack tightly in a container.
5. Leave the paste to ferment for 3-4 months until it is mature.
The same as Ka-pi. It is not as popular among consumers as the more common Ka-pi, so sometimes producers add Ka-pi-plaa to it to make a cheaper and low grade product.