Visitation to JIRCAS of FOFIA-DRD director and LRI director

Researhcers of the joint research organizations, Prof. Tantely Razafimbelo, director of LRI (Laboratoire des RadioIsotopes, University of Antananarivo) and Dr. Raymond Rabeson, Director of FOFIA-DRD (Departmment of Rice Development, National Center of Applied Research and Rural Development) visited to JIRCAS from January 24 to 31, 2018.  On January 30, they had courtesy visit for JIRCAS president IWANAGA and seminar relating to project and madagascar counterpart organization was held at JIRCAS International Conference Room. Prof. Tantely Razafimbelo and Dr. Raymond Rabeson explained organization activities and their role in this project. Joint research contents and extension tactics of this project outcomes were actively disucussed.

Picture 1. Tantely Razafimbelo, Director of LRI (Center) and Raymond Rabeson, Director of FOFIA-DRD (Second from the left) visited JIRCAS.

Picture 2. Special seminor

Picture 3. Presentation of Tantely Razafimbelo, Director of LRI.

Picture 4. Presentation of Raymond Rabeson, Director of FOFIA-DRD.

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