N balance in the grassland and in the soybean field, Brazil




N balance was measured in a continuous grassland and a continuous soybean field, Cerrado in Brazil. Large amount of nitrate was observed to be accumulated in the subsoil of the continuous soybean field. Although N fertilizer was not applied, N balance showed negative values for the continuous grassland as well as the continuous soybean field. The negative values were greater in the continuous soybean field than those in the continuous grassland.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Biological Resources Division


Technical A

Term of research

FY2000 (FY1997-2000)

Responsible researcher

KANDA Kenichi ( Biological Resources Division )

TAKAHASHI Motoki ( National Agriculture Research Center )

MIRANDA Cesar. H. B. ( Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation )

Publication, etc.

JIRCAS Newsletter(24)

Nitrogen Flow in Agropastoral Systems, Brazil

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