Input-output analysis on soybean-related industries in Brazil



An input-output analysis for agro-industries evaluates the impact of the changes in the macroeconomic conditions, for instance, the changes in total agricultural output, grain import prices, etc. In the first scenario, 1 million tons of soybean are assumed to be exported as grains as a result of changes in the agricultural policy or trade policy (CASE 1). In this scenario, 167 million R$ of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) could be induced mainly in the soybean production sector, while the impact on the other industries and services is likely to be negligible. The second alternative assumes that 1 million tons of soybean are exported in the form of soybean Products (oils, card, etc.)(CASE 2). In this scenario, 283 million R$ of GDP will be induced in the soybean production sector, the vegetable oils industry and other industries. This trial calculation suggests that the economic impact of exports as "processed and value-added products" will be larger and broader than in the case of "primary or raw materials".

National Agriculture Research Center


Technical B



Term of research

FY1998 (FY1996-1999)

Responsible researcher

OZEKI Hideki ( Research Planning and Coordination Division )

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