Increase in agricultural damage associated with the invasion of leaf-cutting ants in southern Brazil and Paraguay




Surveys on the geographical distribution and density of leaf-cutting ants were performed in southern Brazil and Paraguay from 1992 to 1996. The results showed that they were most abundantly deistributed in the northern and southern regions of the area surveyed while much less or practically not in central Parana to Santa Catarina. Compared with the data obtained until 10 years ago, it appears that the ants have been expanding into and increasing their distribution in the surveyed areas, and that the ants can be distributed in all the regions. Studies should be carried out in order to control the expansion of the ants.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Crop Production and Postharvest Technology Division

São Paulo State University


Technical A

Term of research

FY1996 (FY1992-1996)

Responsible researcher

ICHINOSE Katsuya ( Crop Production and Postharvest Technology Division )

FORTI Luiz Carlos ( São Paulo State University )

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