JIRCAS Newsletter(89)

JIRCAS Newsletter
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  • Foreword
    JIRCAS Addresses Global Issues through Project Activities under the SATREPS Program
  • Special Feature
    JIRCAS and the Science and Technology Research Partnership for
    Sustainable Development (SATREPS) Program: Addressing Four Challenges
    • (Project Summary: Burkina Faso)
      4p. Toward “Local Production for Local Consumption”: Aiming at Production and Distribution of Fertilizers Manufactured from African Indigenous Phosphate Rock
    • (Project Output:Burkina Faso)
      5p. Toward Expansion of Fertilized Cultivation using a New Fertilizer Composed of Burkina Faso Phosphate Rock
    • (Project Summary: Madagascar)
      6p. Contributing to Food Security in Madagascar by Developing a Rice Cultivation Technology that Improves Nutrient Use Efficiency
    • (Project Output: Madagascar)
      7p. SATREPS Madagascar Output 4: Elucidation of Factors Affecting the Dissemination of Rice Cultivation Technology and Impact Evaluation
    • (Project Summary: Malaysia)
      8p. Sustainable Land Management Technologies in Oil Palm Plantations and the Future of the Palm Oil Industry
    • (Project Output: Malaysia)
      9p. Development of High Value-adding Technologies for Oil Palm Trunk and its Social Implementation
    • (Project Summary: Bolivia)
      10p. Strengthening of Resilience in Arid Agro-ecosystems Vulnerable to Climate Change through Research on Plant Resources and Technological Applications
    • (Project Output: Bolivia)
      11p. SATREPS Bolivia Output 2: Development of Breeding Lines for Enhanced Resilience and Early Ripening
  • Collaborative Research Institute
    • 12p. Central Soil Salinity Research Institute
  • JIRCAS Today
    • 13p. Research Highlight
    • 14p. Announcement
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Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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Issue 89
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