Groundwater quality and nitrogen cycling in agro-ecosystems of Lingxian county, Shandong province, China




A regional analysis of nitrogen cycling in the agro-ecosystems of Lingxian County, Shandong Province, China was carried out. Total input of nitrogen to arable land, derived from chemical and organic fertilizer, sewage, precipitation, irrigation, and nitrogen fixation, was estimated to be, on the average, 584 kgN ha-1 year-1. The nitrogen output, including plant uptake and denitrification, was 296 kgN ha-1 year-1. These results indicate that arable land in this area should receive a balance of 288 kgN ha-1, annually. A survey of the ground water quality in the area shows that nitrate pollution of ground water has not been widely noticeable at present. However, the analysis of nitrogen cycling in agro-ecosystems predicts the large potential risk of nitrogen pollution in the environment in the near future.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Biological Resources Division


Technical A

Term of research

FY1999 (FY1997-2003)

Responsible researcher

YAGI Kazuyuki ( Biological Resources Division )

HOSEN Yasukazu ( Biological Resources Division )

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