Development of assessment method for vegetation stability using Neural Network




In the test site located in central Australia, two Neural Network models to estimate vegetation abundance and changes were developed based on 7 factors including slope, geomorphic systems, hydrological units, soil units, vegetation units, distance from water points and distance from ridges. Furthermore, an assessment map for vegetation stability was constructed by the integration of two results of estimation using the Neural Network models mentioned above.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Biological Resources Division

National Grassland Research Institute


Technical A

Term of research

FY1997 (FY1994-1997)

Responsible researcher

YAMAMOTO Yukiyo ( Animal Production and Grassland Division )

UCHIDA Satoshi ( Biological Resources Division )

OHNO Hiroyuki ( Biological Resources Division )

WATANABE Takeshi ( Biological Resources Division )

Japanese PDF

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