Pepper and cucurbit virus incidence and control in Thailand




Cucumber mosaic virus(CMV), papaya ringspot virus and zucchini yellow mosaic virus from cucurbit crops and chilli veinal mottle virus and CMV from pepper were isolated and tested in Thailand. In the field tests with natural infection, some cultivars and lines were found to be resistant to those viruses. Silver film mulching and skim milk spraying were effective for preventing virus infection on cucumber and pepper.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Crop Production and Postharvest Technology Division

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NODA Chiyoichi ( Okinawa Subtropical Station )

KITTIPAKORN Kruapan ( Department of Agriculture Thailand )

INCHAN Pan ( Department of Agriculture Thailand )

DEEMA Nualchan ( Department of Agriculture Thailand )

WANNAPEE Laksna ( Department of Agriculture Thailand )

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