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JIRCAS Mail Magazine No. 48 (October 2023)

We are pleased to announce that registration for the JIRCAS International Symposia is now officially open.
This year our focus is on the vital topic of tropical forests !

JIRCAS International Symposium 2023
“Innovations to enhance the resilience of tropical forests and sustainability of the forest industry”
Date & Time : November 17 (Friday) 13:30~17:30
Further Details : Visit the symposium page at https://www.jircas.go.jp/en/symposium/2023/e20231117_jircas

We look forward to your registration and active participation in this event !

■ Latest Topics
● Registration for the seminar on palm oil on November 14 is now open.
Theme: The Future of the Palm Oil Industry: Biomass Utilization and Sustainability Initiatives
Seminar URL and registration site :

● Expanding the Technology Catalog for Asia-Monsoon region in line with Strategy “MIDORI” with technologies for forestry and fisheries
We aim to share technologies on agriculture, forestry and fisheries with various countries to promote the development of sustainable food systems.

● Researcher Iwasaki receives JSSSPN Best Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist
The winning presentation was for his research titled "Effect of tillage method and manure management on soil carbon and physicochemical properties in corn fields in Central Thailand"

● Signing ceremony of Work Plan with the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand
An international collaborative research initiative has been launched with a primary focus on enhancing productivity and bolstering environmental adaptability through the characterization assessment of tropical forest genetic resources.

● Iwate Prefectural Hanamaki Kita High School students visit JIRCAS
Six outstanding students, who received top honors for their research presentations, had the unique opportunity to enrich their research expertise through a visit to JIRCAS.
We greatly appreciate your visit !

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs
In line with the theme of this year's JIRCAS International Symposium, we introduce the results of JIRCAS research on tropical forest and research related to the palm industry.

● Regional population differences in growth characteristics of the Dipterocarpaceae tree species Shorea leprosula
The rise in scale insect infestation in this tree species in Southeast Asia due to the impact of climate change has raised significant concerns.
In this study, Dipterocarpaceae trees from different regions were cultivated in a common gardento evaluate tree growth and tolerance against scale insect infestation.
The findings have provided valuable insights for pinpointing exceptional individuals for use in future plantation forests.

● Vein structure is related to leaf toughness and photosynthetic capacity in tropical forest trees
Trees with well-defined veins have high photosynthesis and leaf defenses that are advantageous in light environments, while trees with indistinct veins are better adapted to dark environments near the ground surface. Understanding the structure of veins can contribute to the implementation of reforestation based on the specific environmental needs of different tree species and their characteristics.

● Technology development to saccharify cellulose “only by cultivating microorganisms" without using cellulase enzymes
Cellulose found in discarded fibers and waste paper is notoriously resistant to natural decomposition, demanding significant quantities of cellulase enzymes for breakdown.
This study has unveiled microorganisms capable of efficiently converting cellulose into glucose without the need for enzymes, presenting an efficient and cost-effective technological breakthrough.

■ Publications
● JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly Vol. 57 No.4

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