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JIRCAS Mail Magazine

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【JIRCAS Mail Magazine No.13 (April 2019)】
Published by Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS)
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The cherry blossoms in Japan have peaked, and people will be enjoying a long holiday period (Golden Week vacation), coinciding with the shift to the REIWA period (next era of Japan) starting May 2019.

■Latest topics
●JIRCAS President Iwanaga participates in the International Salinity Conference in Karnal, Haryana, India


●JIRCAS renews Joint Research Agreement with the Philippine Sugar Regulatory Administration and receives certificate of appreciation


●Policy Suggestion Paper submitted to An Giang Provincial Government, Mekong Delta, Vietnam, at the workshop on AWD dissemination policies


■Introduction of new technologies and research highlights
【Research Highlights (International agriculture, forestry and fisheries research information) Fiscal year 2017】
●Further insights into underlying mechanisms for the release of biological nitrification inhibitors from sorghum roots

●Characterization of Erianthus arundinaceus collected from Japan based on nuclear DNA content and simple sequence repeat markers

●An effective pesticide against the dominant insect vector of sugarcane white leaf disease

●Genetic variation in resistance in rice germplasm and differentiation of blast races in Bangladesh

●Development of a rearing technique for the free-swimming zoea larvae of the freshwater shrimp <i>Macrobrachium yui</i> from Northern Laos

■Guidance publications
●JARQ (Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly) Vol.53 No.2 April. 2019


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