Publication - Sri Lanka

Guideline for the Reconstruction of Agriculture and Rural Communities Affected by Natural Disasters -Sri Lanka-

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, The Department of Agrarian Development Ministry of Agrarian Development & Wildlife, Department of Agriculture Southern Province, Manual and Guideline

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Management of irrigation systems for rice double cropping culture in the tropical monsoon area

Yoshinobu Kitamura, Technical bulletin of the Tropical Agriculture Research Center27 1133

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Background of initiation of the research project on virus diseases and outline of research achievements

Toshihiro KAJIWARA, Technical bulletin of the Tropical Agriculture Research Center21 12

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小沢忍, 熱研資料56

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本村 悟, 熱帯農研集報42 14


寒川 一成, 熱帯農研集報40 1927


芦田 浄美, 熱帯農研集報37 17


藤村 俊彦, 熱帯農研集報34 5967