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Dictyotales, Dictyotaceae

Padina minor Yamada

Padina minor Yamada photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Raya Island, Phuket.
: 0.5 m
The plants are soft, flat, thin (2 cells thick throughout), calcified and divided into several flabellate pieces. The sorus is not indusiate. This species is similar to P. australis, but smaller, with a narrow interval of concentric lines and attains a height of 5-6 cm. Calcification is thicker on the rolled margin side. The color is whitish brown and found on rocks, gravel or dead coral in mid intertidal to subtidal zones along moderately wave exposed shorelines.

Padina minor Yamada photo2
Fresh specimen.
Padina minor Yamada photo3
Microscopic view of non-indusiate sorus (arrow).