Agriculture in Burkina Faso is an important sector in terms of development of national economy and ensuring employment, which is contributing 22% of the national GDP and more than 80% of people in Burkina Faso engaged in agriculture. The agricultural productivity has been stagnant because Burkina Faso is located under the severe climate condition in Sahel area where rainfall pattern is unstable and soil fertility is low. In order to increase the agricultural productivity, agricultural inputs such as fertilizer is necessary at some level. However, most of the farmers cultivate without using fertilizer, and one of the main reasons is that price of chemical fertilizer, mostly imported, is quite high. Phosphorus is extremely important as one of the main nutrients of plant nutrition for crop cultivation, but it is pointed out that 80% of soil in Africa is deficient in phosphorus which causes critical limitation of agricultural productivity. In recent years, a depletion of phosphorus is a deep international concern and the price of phosphorus is on the upward trend. On the other hand, Burkina Faso has phosphate resources, and it is estimated the resource amount is 100 million tons. The country's expectation on development and utilization of phosphate resources is high, and it started to consider construction of a plant to fabricate phosphate fertilizer using phosphate rock. It is expected to reduce the price only by replacing imported phosphorus compounds with indigenous one. In this way, it is expected to increase the country's stable agricultural production by manufacturing phosphate fertilizer which has high fertilizing effect and compound fertilizer from it, then by providing cheaper fertilizer than imported one to farmers. Accordingly, it has to-be established a technology for manufacturing phosphate and compound fertilizer from phosphate resources of Burkina Faso.

Project Purpose

To establish an applicable "model for fertilizing cultivation promotion" with use of Burkina Faso phosphate rock (BPR) in consultation with Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Layouts (MAAH) and other stakeholders.

Subjects and Activities

The project is constituted with 4 major subjects as follows:


Subject 1   Development of regionally adapted compound fertilizers using national phosphate rock (Development of national fertilizers)
Subject 2   Evaluation of fertilizing effect on the major crop, and improvement and dissemination of fertilization (Enhancement of fertilizing cultivation)
Subject 3   Development direct utilization technology of phosphate rock (Rock phosphate direct application)
Subject 4   Proposal of comprehensive utilization methods of rock phosphate to realize sustainable crop production (Rock phosphate comprehensive use)


The followings show title of sub-subject under the major subject and participating member for each activity:


Subject 1-1  Development a technique to solubilize national low-grade phosphate rock (Rock phosphate solubilization)
Member        NAKAMURA Satoshi, IMAI Toshio, SAWADOGO Jacques
Subject 1-2  Development of regionally adapted compound fertilizers using national phosphate fertilizers (Compound fertilizer)
Member        NAKAMURA Satoshi, IMAI Toshio, SAWADOGO Jacques, SERME Idriss
Subject 1-3  Establishment of an African indigenous phosphate rock inventory (African phosphate inventory)
Member        NAKAMURA Satoshi, IMAI Toshio, SAWADOGO Jacques
Subject 2-1  Fertilizing effect of proposed compound fertilizers (Fertilizing cultivation effect)
Member        FUKUDA Monrawee, IWASAKI Shinya, IKAZAKI Kenta, BANDAOGO Alimata A, SOMDA B. Béatrice, BOUGMA Amelie
Subject 2-2  Improvement of fertilization technique to sorghum and rice using regionally adapted compound fertilizers (Fertilization technique improvement)
Member        FUKUDA Monrawee, IWASAKI Shinya, IKAZAKI Kenta, KIBA/SOMA Mariam, SIMPORE Saidou, OUATTARA Baba, TRAORE Adama, BONKOUNGOU R. Sylvain
Subject 2-3  Evaluation of dissemination possibilities of regionally adapted compound fertilizers (Evaluation of fertilization dissemination)
Member        KOBAYASHI Shintaro, KOIDE Junji, FUKUDA Monrawee, KIBA/SOMA Mariam, SIMPORE Saidou, SAWADOGO Didier, KOUDOUGOU Amos, OUATTARA Baba, TRAORE Adama, BONKOUNGOU R. Sylvain
Subject 3-1  Improvement of the effect of rock phosphate direct application technique on rice production (Rock phosphate direct application for rice)
Member        NAKAMURA Satoshi, KIBA/SOMA Mariam
Subject 3-2  Identification of QTLs involved in solubilization and absorption of the phosphate rock in rice (Rice QTL)
Member        KONDO Katsuhiko, NAKAMURA Satoshi, KAM Honoré
Subject 3-3  Elucidation of phosphate rock solubilization mechanism on rock phosphate enriched compost and its fertilizing effect (Rock phosphate enriched compost)
Member        SARR Papa Saliou, TIBIRI Bionimian Ezechiel
Subject 3-4  Inventory of crops effective to rock phosphate direct application (Rock phosphate adaptive crops)
Member       TAKENAKA Koichi, ISEKI Kotaro, IKAZAKI Kenta, SARR Papa Saliou, COMPAORE Emmanuel, THIOMBIANO Natacha, SIDEBE Hamadou
Subject 3-5  Development organic NP fertilizer using azolla and evaluation of fertilizing effect (Azolla utilization)
Member        FUKUDA Monrawee, OUEDRAOGO Souleymane
Subject 3-6  Formulation of a technical manual of phosphate rock direct application (Phosphate rock direct application manual)
Member        NAGUMO Fujio, NAKAMURA Satoshi, COMPAORE Emmanuel
Subject 4-1  Examining phosphate fertilizer application methods to maximize phosphate utilization efficiency (Phosphate utilization efficiency)
Member        OKADA Kensuke, NAKAMURA Satoshi, SERME Idriss
Subject 4-2  Elucidation of value chain to expand distribution and demand (Value chain)
Member        KOBAYASHI Shintaro, BARRY Silamana
Subject 4-3  Evaluation of effect of national fertilizer dissemination on regional economy impact and simulation of the economic impacts of promotion of fertilizer and/or phosphate rock direct utilization at households and national levels (Regional economic impact)
Member        UCHIDA Satoshi, KOBAYASHI Shintaro, KOIDE Junji, KONE Nicolas, FARID Traore