Simplified pre-germination treatments for indigenous legume trees in the Philippines




Simplified pretreatment to improve seed germination was investigated for reforestation tree species of Leguminosae and Mimosaceae which were indigenous to the Philippines. Seeds of these spices are treated with hot water time-courses on several temperatures for 0.5-5 min, seed scarification and fire-heating by burning grass, and then sowed to nursery. Three varieties of Laucaena leucocephala, which were the most common reforestation planting species there, were all highly improved the germination rates in their most appropriate time-courses of hot water treatment. The fire-heating, which was usual pretreatment for the legume direct sowing, was also effective, but less than hot water treatment. Thus, the appropriate hot water treatment for seeds found should be given before the direct seed sowing to ensure the establishment of rehabilitated legume forest on the degraded grassland.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Forestry Division

University of the Philippines


Technical A

Term of research

FY1999 (FY1998-2001)

Responsible researcher

TAKAHASHI Kazunori ( Forestry Division )

GASCON Antonio F. ( University of the Philippines )

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