Chlorine-free bleaching of kraft pulp from oil palm empty fruit bunches



Empty fruit bunches (EFB) are lignocellulosic residues after the oil production from oil palm in Malaysia and other tropical countries. This material has not been utilized so far and several attempts have been carried out to produce pulp for paper-making from EFB by mechanical and chemical pulping. However, not much work has been done on bleaching of the pulp from EFB, especially on chlorine-free bleaching which is more environmentally conscious. 

In this study, chlorine-free bleaching was carried out on kraft pulp of EFB. Bleaching process with O2-acid-O3-H2O2 could remove most of lignin contained in the pulp and the brightness of the pulp was achieved to be 75%. This indicates the possibility of obtaining higher brightness of 80-90%, which has been achieved with chlorine bleaching. Moreover, handsheets produced from the bleached EFB pulp showed comparable strengths to some hardwood pulp, which indicates that EFB has a possibility for a raw material of chemical pulp with chlorine-free bleaching. 


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Forestry Division


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TANAKA Ryohei ( Forestry Division )

WANROSLI Wan Daud ( Universiti Sains Malaysia )

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