Long-range migration of rice planthoppers in monsoonal East Asia



The brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, and whitebacked planthopper, Sogatella frucifera, are international insect pests of rice, which undertake long-range migrations from tropical to temperate rice areas in East Asia every year. The rice planthoppers are transported downwind by a synoptic scale of wind systems associated with the southwest monsoon and Baiu climate. We demonstrated that the migratory planthoppers emigrating from North Indochina migrate to Japan via South China by means of trajectory analyses of airflow at 850hPa.
The migration process involved two major stages of habitat displacements; from winter-spring rice in North Vietnam to early rice in South China in April to May, and from early rice to single rice in Japan in June to July. These two stages of migrations were achieved by seasonal advance of monsoon climate and geographical shifting of the rice cropping period in the migration zone in East Asia.


Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Crop Production and Postharvest Technology Division

China National Rice Research Institute



Term of research

FY1997 (FY1995-1997)

Responsible researcher

SOGAWA Kazushige ( Crop Production and Postharvest Technology Division )

TAKAHASHI Akihiko ( Crop Production and Postharvest Technology Division )

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