TARC-JIRCAS 40th Anniversary International Symposium

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings

A New Decade for International Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development

Date: November 8 (Afternoon) – 9, 2010
Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center, Epochal, Convention Hall 200


World Agriculture (incl. Forestry and Fisheries) rapidly changes in response to the global movements such as recent events of economic and food crises, strengthened measures for global warming, rapid growth of the emerging economies and so on. Regarding development strategies, the global development goals are doubted to be achieved and are supposed to be amended. The roles of agriculture for development, in contrast, have been re-evaluated.

Agricultural research is also facing the new era owing to the globalized society as well as the advancement in information technology, biological and environmental sciences. New research networks have emerged beyond the conventional research systems and existing institutions are struggling to find out new research frameworks and targets.

This symposium aims to grasp these new trends surrounding international agricultural research though exchanging opinions among experts from various organizations, and to obtain useful suggestions for the future activities of related research institutes as well as individual researchers.



Opening Remarks

  • Kenji Iiyama (President of JIRCAS) 

Welcome Statements

  • Kiyoshi Fujimoto (Research Councilor, MAFF) 

Keynote Speech

Session 1: Trends in International Agricultural Research Networks

Chair: Masaru Iwanaga (Director General, National Institute of Crop Science, NARO)

Session 2: Challenges of Development-oriented Agricultural Research Institutes

Chair: Akio Takenaka (JIRCAS)

Session 3: Network Formulation by Japanese Agricultural Research Bodies

Chair: Masami Yasunaka (Vice President ofJIRCAS)

Co-Chair: Kazumi Yamaoka (Research Coordinator, JIRCAS)

Panel Discussion : Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development – Towards a New Decade 

Chair: Masami Yasunaka (Vice President of JIRCAS)

Co-Chair: Kazumi Yamaoka (Research Coordinator, JIRCAS)

Panelist: (alphabetical order)

  • Shuichi Asanuma (Professor, ICCAE, Nagoya Univ.),
  • Hiroshi Ehara (Professor, Assistant to the President for International Affairs, Mie
  • Moriyoshi Ishizuka (Principal Research Coordinator, FFPRI),
  • Masaru Iwanaga (Director General, National Institute of Crop Science),
  • Satoshi Miyata (Senior Researcher, JIRCAS),
  • Heok-Choh Sim (Senior Researcher of FRIM and Executive Secretary of APAFRI)
  • Ryotaro Suzuki (Director, International Research Division, MAFF),
  • Kazuyuki Yagi (Research Coordinator, NIAES)

Closing Remarks

  • Koji Tanaka (Vice President, J-FARD) 




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