Keynote Speech:Enhancement of Japanese R&D and International Cooperation in Science and Technology

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings
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1. “East Asia Science and Innovation Area” initiative and the establishment of an East Asian
What is the purpose of the initiative?
?? Its position in the coming Science and Technology Basic Plan: Building a R&D
system integrated with the world
?? Economic partnership and Science, Technology and Innovation
2. The present situation and future prospects of the integration of the East Asia region
Historical development
?? Economic partnerships / Economic integration
?? The rise of China and the change in the regional order
Recent trend
?? China’s unilateral actions
?? US engagement in the region
Shift in dynamics
?? From Asia-Pacific to East Asia to Asia-Pacific back again
3. East Asia Science and Innovation Area -conclusion-
How to proceed?
What is the key to success?

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East Asia

East Asia Research and Innovation Area

Science and Technology



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