Introduction to Advances in Climate Change Adaptation Research for Chinese Agriculture

JIRCAS Working Report
ISSN 1341710X
NII recode ID (NCID) AA11159468
In this paper, we firstly introduced how to calibrate the high-resolution (~50km in horizon) climate scenarios of climate model's original outputs in China with mesh climatological database generated using the interpolation method of Moving Least Squares (MLS), then introduce how to identify the priority adaptation issues based on the risk assessment with the help of the calibrated high-resolution climate scenarios. The clarified agricultural adaptation issues address how to utilize the agro-climatic resources and agricultural water resources in the high-efficiency ways, how to adjust the strategy and measures to reduce the agro-meteorological and biological disasters, and moreover how to adjust the cropping systems, grassland and livestock systems, and the agricultural ecosystem in coherence with the altered climate conditions. Nine typical adaptation examples in China were selected for case studies to summarize the incremental and transformational adaptation pathways. The perspectives on the future adaptation actions in China are proposed, especially with the emphasis on the application of System Approach methodology to unearth the theoretical mechanism of agricultural adaptation to climate change, and how to formulate the guideline for the monitoring and evaluation of implementation of adaptation actions.
Alternative title 中国农业适应气候变化研究进展
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Creator Yinlong XU Dawei ZHENG Chunchun MENG Lei ZHANG Yasushi ISHIGOOKA Hsiaoping Chien
Volume 87
spage 53
epage 59
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