Toward the Genetic Improvement of Drought Tolerance in Crops

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
NII recode ID (NCID) AA0068709X

Crop damage due to environmental stresses, including drought, high salinity, and high temperature, occurs worldwide. Therefore, genetically modifying plants to increase their environmental stress tolerance is an important global issue. In this paper, we discuss recent developments in basic and applied research aimed at genetically improving crop environmental stress tolerance. First, we review the progress made in understanding the environmental stress-tolerance mechanisms in plants, using Arabidopsis or rice as models. Then, we discuss our international collaboration to genetically modify crops such as rice, wheat, sugarcane and soybean that entails greenhouse- or field-based drought-tolerance tests. Finally, we assess the future prospects for developing stress-tolerant varieties.

Date of issued
Creator Kazuo NAKASHIMA Kazuhiro SUENAGA
Subject environmental stress tolerance international collaboration
Publisher Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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Volume 51
Issue 1
spage 1
epage 10
DOI 10.6090/jarq.51.1
Rights Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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