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Development of Automatic Sugar Beet Transplanter Using Chain Pots

Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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The problem of full automation of sugar beet transplanting was studied in terms of both the paper pot structure and the transplanter itself in order to change the seedling feeding process which is currently manual to an automatic operation, so as to achieve full automation and increase the speed of the transplanters. As a result, continuous paper pot series (chain pots) and a device to separate these paper pots at a high speed into individual seedlings were designed. Furthermore, a new planting device was designed using the drop chute method, which matches the ability of the separating device. The mechanism can be easily operated and is suitable for high-speed planting. Next, a tractor-mounted 2-row transplanter and tractor-trailed 6-row transplanter were designed. Both were equipped with these new devices and experimental planting was successfully conducted, confirming that these devices are not only labor-saving but also highly practical.

Date of issued1997-10-01
CreatorTetsuo NAMBU Keiji MIYAMOTO Kiyoaki MATSUDA
NII resource type vocabularyJournal Article