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Zygnematales, Zygnemataceae

Spirogyra sp. 1

Spirogyra sp. 1 photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Bang Krachao, Samut Sakhon.
: 0.5 m
This species forms soft and intertwined clumps of bright green, fine filaments that are a series of cylindrical cells that do not branch. The cells of this plant are 90-110 µm in length and 40-50 µm in width. Under a microscope, spirally arranged chloroplasts can be observed in each cell, which is characteristic of this genus. This plant can be observed drifting on the bottom or tangling with substrates in very calm areas such as brackish water aquaculture ponds or canals, as well as in fresh water.

Spirogyra sp. 1 photo2
Microscopic view of the spirally arranged chloroplasts in each cell.