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Fucales, Sargassaceae

Sargassum oligocystum Montagne

Sargassum oligocystum Montagne photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Samui Island, Surat Thani.
: 3.0 m
The plants have flat, smooth branches, and the leaves are linear to lanceolate with serrated and undulated margins. The holdfast is discoidal, and the vesicles are spherical to oblong, with occasional spines, crowns or phyllocyst. This seaweed attains 2 m in height, and forms large communities on rocks in subtidal zones along shorelines with moderate wave activity.

Sargassum oligocystum Montagne photo2
Fresh specimen.
Sargassum oligocystum Montagne photo3
Close-up view of various forms of leaves.