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Cladophorales, Cladophoraceae

Rhizoclonium africanum Kützing

Rhizoclonium africanum Kützing photoIn natural habitat (view from on land).
Photo Data
: Sukorn Island, Trang.
: + 0.5 m
These plants consist of fine, light to dark green filaments that are a series of cylindrical cells with rhizoidal filaments. The cells of this plant are 90-150 µm in length and 70-80 µm in width, and have 30-40 nuclei in each cell. This seaweed forms soft, intertwined clumps on rocks, gravel and mud in calm areas such as tidal pools in upper intertidal zones.

Rhizoclonium africanum Kützing photo2
Microscopic view of fresh specimen.
Rhizoclonium africanum Kützing photo3
Microscopic view of rhizoidal filament (arrow).