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Alismatales, Hydrocharitaceae

Halophila minor (Zollinger) den Hartog

Halophila minor (Zollinger) den Hartog photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Sukorn Island, Trang.
: 3.0 m
This plant has small leaves, approximately 0.7-1.2 mm in width. Leaves became a set from two pieces that rise up from the rhizomes, and they are oval to elliptical, with every 6-10 veins given off toward right and left margins from the longitudinal vein. This species is found on muddy substrate in subtidal zones, and in deeper places along shorelines with calm water movement.

Halophila minor (Zollinger) den Hartog photo2
Fresh specimen.
Halophila minor (Zollinger) den Hartog photo3
Close-up view of leaves.