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Ceramiales, Rhodomelaceae

Exophyllum wentii Weber-van Bosse

Exophyllum wentii Weber-van Bosse photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Sukorn Island, Trang.
: 3.5 m
This species has cartilaginous blades that are compressed, irregularly polychotomously divided, with serrations on the margin. The papillary projections extend downward from the under side of the blade, and they come to be secondary holdfasts and short stipes. The stipe is short and terete. The color of this species is light to dark red, and this seaweed grows on shady rocks and on the side of rock walls in lower intertidal to subtidal zones along calm to moderately wave exposed shorelines.

Exophyllum wentii Weber-van Bosse photo2
Fresh specimen.
Exophyllum wentii Weber-van Bosse photo3
Close-up view of secondary holdfasts and short stipes (arrows).