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Dictyotales, Dictyotaceae

Dictyota mertensii (Martius) Kützing

Dictyota mertensii (Martius) Kützing photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Sukorn Island, Trang.
: 3.5 m
The plants are erect, bushy and grow up to 6-15 cm in height. The branches are strap-shaped and divided alternate-dichotomously. They are 3-5 mm wide, with entire margins and aculeate tips. This seaweed is similar to D. spinulosa however no spines are observed on the blade surface of this alga. It is found on rocks and gravel in lower intertidal to subtidal zones along moderately wave exposed shorelines.

Dictyota mertensii (Martius) Kützing photo2
Fresh specimen.
Dictyota mertensii (Martius) Kützing photo3
Close-up view of strap-shaped branches with aculeate tips and smooth surface.