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Cladophorales, Cladophoraceae

Cladophora catenata (Linnaeus) Kützing

Cladophora catenata (Linnaeus) Kützing photoIn natural habitat (view from on land).
Photo Data
: Bang Kaew, Samut Songkhram.
: 0.2 m
The plants consist of dark green filaments with dichotomous, trichotomous, alternate branching. The cells are cylindrical with various shapes, such as L-shape, T-shape, Y-shape and club-shape at the portion of divergent. The upper portion of the branches are slightly curved, and give off branchlets in the same direction. This species forms an intricate mass on the bottom in very calm areas such as brackish water aquaculture ponds or canals.

Cladophora catenata (Linnaeus) Kützing photo2
Fresh specimen of clump.
Cladophora catenata (Linnaeus) Kützing photo3
Microscopic view of holdfasts (arrows) and various forms of cells.