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Charales, Characeae

Chara zeylanica Willdenow

Chara zeylanica Willdenow photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Taborn, Songkhla.
: 1.5 m
The plants are 30-50 cm in height, and consist of flexible axes with whorls of branchlets. There is no cortex at the basal portion of branchlets. Oogonia are formed above the antheridia on the same branchlet node. Two whorls of stipulodes are distinct on the stem nodes. This species is usually described as freshwater macro alga however it can also grow in brackish water areas, such as aquaculture ponds or canals.

Chara zeylanica Willdenow photo2
Basal portion of branchlets.
Chara zeylanica Willdenow photo3
Oogonia (above: arrows 1) and antheridia (below: arrows 2).