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Cladophorales, Cladophoraceae

Chaetomorpha sp. 2

Chaetomorpha sp. 2 photoIn natural habitat (view from on land).
Photo Data
: Bang Saen, Chonburi.
: 0.2 m
This seaweed forms a soft short turf, up to 1 cm in height. The non-branching plants consist of bright green, thin fibres that are a series of cylindrical cells which are 90-120 µm in length and 30-60 µm in diameter. This seaweed grows on rocks in subtidal zones or in tidal pools along moderately wave exposed shorelines.

Chaetomorpha sp. 2 photo2
Microscopic view of fresh specimen.
Chaetomorpha sp. 2 photo3
Microscopic view of haematoxylin stained specimen (black spots in each cell show nuclei).