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Cladophorales, Cladophoraceae

Chaetomorpha sp.1

Chaetomorpha sp.1 photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Bang Kaew, Samut Songkhram.
: 0.2 m
This species is similar to Ch. ligustica however the plants are slightly harder to the touch and the cells are bigger at 90-100 µm in length and 90-100 µm in width with 50-70 nuclei. The plants drift on the bottom or become entangled with other seaweeds in very calm areas such as brackish water aquaculture ponds or canals.

Chaetomorpha sp.1 photo2
Microscopic view of fresh specimen.
Chaetomorpha sp.1 photo3
Microscopic view of haematoxylin stained specimen (black spots in each cell show nuclei).