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Siphonocladales, Boodleaceae

Boodlea coacta (Dickie) Murray & De Toni

Boodlea coacta (Dickie) Murray & De Toni photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Samui Island, Surat Thani.
: 1.5 m
The plants form a large, intricately entwisted, unstructured mass that is composed of small cylindrical branches and branchlets that unite with each other in a complicated manner. The main axes are 150-250 µm in width. The branched segments are over 5 times longer than they are wide. It is found on rocks in lower intertidal to subtidal zones on calm shorelines, and in tidal pools, or found as undergrowth in seagrass beds in inner reefs.

Boodlea coacta (Dickie) Murray & De Toni photo2
Fresh specimen.
Boodlea coacta (Dickie) Murray & De Toni photo3
Microscopic view of branches and branchlets.