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With a view to introducing Atriplex nummularia in the arid lands of developing countries, the author studied the growth habit of the plant under high salinity conditions along with the physiological characteristics of the plant. Although the salt tolerance of Atriplex nummularia at the germination and seedling establishment stages was not particularly high compared with that of other crops, the seeds remained dormant under the high saline environment and sprouted after the high saline conditions were removed. Adult Atriplex nummularia plants exhibited so high salt tolerance that they were able to survive in a saline medium containing 5% NaCl. The vesiculated hairs excreting excess NaCl from the lamina were considered to play an important role in the salt tolerance of Atriplex nummularia. The plants grown at a daily mean temperature of 25°C showed the optimum growth and the plants grown at the temperature of 25°C with 1 % of NaCl showed a growth pattern and yield similar to those of the plants grown at high and low temperatures without NaCl addition in the culture solution. Dry weight of leaves and stems increased almost in parallel to the increase of the concentration of N, P and K in the culture solution. Growth and yield of the plants growing at higher levels of nutrient along with the 1 % NaCl treatment were significantly higher than those of the plants growing at lower levels of nutrient without NaCl treatment. The seeds produced in the plants growing in a higher salinity culture medium showed a higher salt tolerance at the germination stage than the seeds produced in a low salinity culture medium. Feeding value of Atriplex nummularia which had been growing under suitable environmental conditions, was equal or superior to that of alfalfa at the flowering stage. On the basis of the results obtained, the mechanism of the high salt tolerance of Atriplex nummularia, as well as the methods for improving the growth of the plant on high salinity soils was discussed.
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Publisher Tropical Agriculture Research Center
Volume 22
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