Newsletter 3(1)

ISSN 09198822
NII recode ID (NCID) AA11015118
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  • Germplasm Development in National and International Research Institutions
  • Research Themes of TARC Visiting Research Fellowship Program 1992
  • TARC Research Highlights
    • Surface Water Drainage Effects of Ditches for Direct Seeding Culture in Malaysia
    • No-tillage rotation of wheat and soybean in Brazil
    • New Rice Varieties "Dian Jing No.23" and "Dian Jing No.24", registered in Yunnan Province in China
  • TARC Seminar Tropical Forest Research
  • TARC International Symposium 1992 in Tsukuba
  • TARC Workshop Global Desertification and Salinization
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Creator Tropical Agriculture Research Center
Type Article
Volume 3
Issue 1
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