Newsletter 4(1)

ISSN 09198822
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  • Studies on postharvest technology at TARC -A Research Strategy -
  • 1992 Annual Conference for Promotion of Research on Tropical Agriculture
  • "Silk Road through the Desert" A TARC scientist wrote a book.
  • TARC Research Highlights
    • Biotype of Japanese BPH Population resembles that of the population in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
    • Analysis of Light Conditions under Canopies of Fast-growing Tree Species in the Tropics
    • resistance of rice varieties to blast disease in Yunnan Province, China
  • Profile of New Director
  • Letters to the Editor from TARC Visiting Scientists
  • Cooperative Research Program with UPLB in the field of Soil Science
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Creator Tropical Agriculture Research Center
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Volume 4
Issue 1
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