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ISSN 09198822
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  • TARC Toward the Third Decade
  • TARC Contribution to the Next Century
  • Celebrating the Inauguration of TARC Newsletter
  • TARC's New Director General Dr. S. Tsuru Appointed
  • TARC Research Highlights
    • Unique Mechanism of Phosphorus Uptake by Pigeonpea and its Role in Cropping System of Indian Subcontinent
    • Ecology of Leaf-footed Plant Bug in the Subtropical Region of Japan
    • Development of Rice Variety Resistant to Rice Tungro Spherical Virus
  • The Organization of Tropical Agriculture Research Center
  • TARC Thailand Office Opened
  • TARC International Symposium 1989
  • SABRAO Congress in TSUKUBA
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Creator Tropical Agriculture Research Center
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Volume 1
Issue 1
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